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Frequently Asked Questions

It's because I'm often asleep or working when you guys call and I don't hear the phone. And I'm too embarrassed to call back, sorry. Send a message on our facebook page or send a text message via phone for all questions and I'll gladly reply back.

Short answer is 'Yes you can!' however it's difficult to book for the weekend (Friday & Saturday) because it's our busiest time and considering we're a small place we can't afford to alienate our lovely regulars. But we can make arrangements for a shindig on a Sunday or Monday.

I'M ALL THE MUSCLE THERE NEEDS TO BE, SON! No but seriously as of now we're not in need for assistance but you can always send in your résumé on opening hours. It's always nice to get acquainted with people that are as passionate about whisky as I am.

Don't worry fair maiden (or sire), everything that's left behind we keep aside for the OG. Send a message and we'll confirm if your stuff's still here and rest assured if it is!

Yes! You can over a few months now. THE FUTURE IS NOW!

We're not organizing any Whisky tastings as of now. However we will be doing that in the future so stay tuned on our Facebook page.

Kinda. If you consider crisps and dry sausage food. However! We will be having Korean oriented snacks in the near future (the protoypes we're to die for) so stay tuned on our Facebook page!

Opening hours

Monday Closed
Tuesday 19:00 - ...
Wednesday 19:00 - ...
Thursday 19:00 - ...
Friday 19:00 - ...
Saturday 19:00 - ...
Sunday Closed

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